Summer wakeboard camp for teens, kids, and adults.  Experience wakeboarding like never before. Our summer wakeboard camps are second to no other summer camp experience in california.  Our camps are located near the san francisco bay area, sacramento, sacremento, stockton, the delta, modesto, merced and more.
California summer wakeboarding camps for kids, teens, adults to improve on their wakeboard skills. private and family wakeboard camps year around.  For wakeboard enthusiasts of all ages and ability levelsdelta summer wakeboard campregister for one of our wakeboarding camps, or wakeboard campcalifornia wakeboard camp media photos, riders and morecontact west coast wakeboarding camp. we're located in california two hours from the delta

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our adults wakeboard camps are designed to accomodate all ages of wakeboarders.  These specialty camps are offered the first and last weeks of camp each season.

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West coast wakeboard camps: a typical day at wakeboard camp include wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, activities, food, fun, laughs and more wakeboarding

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Water Conditions

Lake McClure has hands down the best water conditions in the state. Which is why we chose to operate our camp on this hidden gem. The best coaching in the world wont do you any good if you're trying to learn in wind chop or rollers. Its time to treat yourself with some lake McClure "butter."

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Coaching System

Our coaching system is very un-intimidating and is designed to get results. We don't throw you in the water and offer you tips. We first teach you the foundation for all tricks through our step by step easy to learn system. We then prepare you using our exclusive prerequisite drills and trampoline training for any trick you wish to learn. Every trick is made up of multiple elements. We teach you to master the muscle memory and technique for all of those elements before you attemp the desired trick.
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We are fortunate enough to have partnered up with the best wakeboard brand in the industry. Hyperlite has been the premier brand since the birth of our sport. You get free full access to all the latest equipment.
Brand new top of the line boats will help you learn faster and safer.



There is no more important part of our camp than our coaching staff. It is up to the coaches to deliver the system, analyze and correct the riders errors, and most importantly provide the ultimate camp experience that we are known for. We put so much effort into our staff, that their average length of employment is four years.

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If you have never tried wakesurfing before, you are missing out. Its the fastest growing sport behind a boat. If you have tried it, you will love the massive waves behind the new MB tomcats. We have developed a training program for surfing that will teach you all the fundamentals needed to surf in the ocean. You can bypass years of frustration in the ocean by learning the fundamentals behind the constancy of the boat wake. We start you off with normal wake starts, but as you advance you can learn how to pop up from laying down. Learn how to trim, carve, pump, spin and air behind the boat.

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learn to hit your first funbox/rail. We have two professionally built wakeboard rails designed to teach you the safe and easy way. The ride one setup and wide surface make it easier to learn how to hit your first rail.



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